The Rosebud Cafe is a family-friendly, folky restaurant and bar named for the iconic Rose famous in the Pacific Northwest. It offers live bluegrass and country music most nights. Currently serving lunch and dinner, breakfast will be added on weekends in the near future.

Kids are always welcome until 10 PM.

We’re located at 50316 Columbia River Highway in Scappoose, Oregon with plenty of parking in back.

Our menu includes burgers, soups, salads, and Zerr-family recipes for lasagne and quiche.

To book an event, contact Don Zerr at donazerr@gmail.com.

Monday: 1 pm – 10 PM
Tuesday: 1 pm – 10 PM
Wednesday: 1 pm – 10 PM
Thursday: 1 pm – 10 PM
Friday: 1 pm – 10 PM
Saturday: 1 pm – 10 PM
Sunday: 1 pm – 10:00 PM